Benefits of Teleneurology

Teleneurology allows for a quicker neurology consult when most needed: for stroke patients being evaluated for tPA administration, for other adult neurological emergencies, as well as emergencies arising in the hospital requiring an urgent consultation with a neurologist.

Time is Brain

When having a stroke, it is important to seek immediate care. Receiving immediate treatment can minimize the long-term effects of stroke and prevent death.

Stroke Treatment

tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) is a clot-buster and is the only drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat ischemic stroke. Administered through an IV in the arm, the drug works to dissolve the clot and improve the blood flow to the brain. If tPA is administered within 3 hours (4.5 in some cases), there is a greater chance for the patient to recover from the stroke.

Teleneurology: Neurocall

At Holy Cross Hospital, we offer teleneurology with the goal of faster time to patient evaluation by a neurologist to determine if he/she is a candidate for tPA, which translates to patients receiving the clot-busting drug quicker, improving the chances of recovery and survival.

Neurocall Teleneurology Technology

Utilizing Neurocall’s technology for teleneurology, patients arriving at Holy Cross Emergency department suffering from acute stroke no longer have to wait for a neurologist on-call to arrive at the hospital before being evaluated. Within 15 minutes of arrival in the ER, Neurocall is wheeled into the patient’s room if they have symptoms of stroke, and a board certified neurologist is able to assess the patient remotely through the equipment’s high definition camera, collaboratively with the ER physician and nurse. The neurologist has immediate remote access to the patient’s diagnostic imaging records and can assess if the patient is a candidate for tPA and whether or not they need immediate endovascular intervention.

The traditional goal from the time the patient arrives in the ER to the time they receive tPA is less than or equal to 60 minutes. Since implementation of Neurocall, our Stroke Center’s tPA utilization has increased, and tPA administration has been completed as quickly as 30 minutes from the time of patient arrival.

Holy Cross is the only hospital in Broward County utilizing Neurocall and has 24/7 access, 365 days a year, to their 11 board certified neurologists who are also credentialed to practice at Holy Cross Hospital. Neurocall provides telemedicine infrastructure, administration, software platform and customer support necessary to grow and nurture a community of world-class clinicians and continuously deliver reliable service of the highest possible quality. This teleneurology service has decreased the time it takes for critical decisions to be made regarding tPA administration or intervention.

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